Peak HR is here to fit all your human resource needs

Human Resource Consulting Services

Peak HR has the expert knowledge, proven experience, and creative problem solving to fit all your human resource needs. We bring value to your organization by developing an understanding of your unique needs and then delivering customized and creative solutions aligned to your business objectives.

Here are just a few examples of how Peak HR can assist your business:

  • Advise and provide guidance in developing high performing employees and organization. 
  • Provide advice on handling any Human Resources Compliance issue, sensitive employee situation, workplace problem, or performance issue.
  • Perform HR Compliance & Strategic HR Audits.
  • Perform I-9 Compliance audit.
  • Develop your Human Resources Basics, including an Employee Handbook, employment-related forms, and core HR policies & procedures.
  • Establish employment policies and consistent practices for hiring, discipline, and termination to decrease employment-related risk.
  • Audit your positions for appropriate exempt/nonexempt classification in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).
  • Design comprehensive benefit package with guidance relative to health care reform regulations.
  • Design and create Health and Wellness program that aligns with health insurance plan.
  • Provide management training or coaching on a variety of leadership topics.
  • Assess the effectiveness of an organization or department, its management team, or employee performance.
  • Design and create Employee Engagement, Employee Recognition, Training & Development and Succession Plans.
  • Create a performance management system that sets expectations and holds employees accountable.
  • Design and create Compensation Plan with salary grades and ranges with current market data.
  • Create a Total Compensation Plan which increases employee motivation, engagement, productivity and feeling of achievement.
  • Provide consultation for sourcing and implementation of online Recruitment or Applicant Tracking System.


Peak HR can contribute to businesses of all sizes:

  • Outsourced expertise and coaching for small and mid-sized businesses with HR staff who have limited experience.
  • Complement internal HR talent with specific or additional expertise for larger business with established Human Resources staff.

For additional information, send an email to Peak HR regarding your individual situation.