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About Us

Human Resource compliance and strategy can be challenging and overwhelming to manage in this ever-changing business environment.  As such, Peak HR Consultants; felt that, the development of online compliance audits, resources, and tools, an organization, particularly small businesses, could overcome much of the compliance challenge of the human resource function without heavy cost burden.  Peak HR Consultants provides you with the information you need to establish and implement effective HR policies and practices and conform to legal requirements. This do-it-yourself approach presents a significant savings for you, and if you ever have questions or need further consultation services our experienced and talented consultants are here to help.


If you can quickly and efficiently address the legal compliance component of the HR function, you are freed to focus on your most important asset - Your People.

This website simplifies your human resource needs by:

  • Delivering human resource news, information, resources, and tools.
  • Walking you through step-by-step online HR compliance audits, using the HRWise online system.
  • Assisting you with specialized human resource consulting services should your needs go beyond what is available in the HRWise system.

Providing referrals to trusted professionals should you need an outside consultant or firm to address other business needs in the areas of Healthcare Reform, Employee Benefits, Supplemental Benefits, Health and Wellness Programs, 401k Benchmarking, Pension Administration and Auditing, Employment Law Counsel, and Professional Accounting Services in tax, accounting, auditing and business consulting.