Peak HR Consultants, LLC is a full service HR consulting firm specializing in:

  • HR For Small Business
  • Online HR Resource Center (HRWISE)
  • Online Compliance Audits 
  • HR Consulting Services
  • Benefit Design and Strategy
  • Healthcare Reform: Affordable Care Act
  • Other Professional Areas

Professional and Innovative

Human Resources Consultants

Peak HR Consultants; felt that, given proper resources and online tools, an organization could perform the vast majority of the human resource compliance function without the expense of a professional human resource consultant. We provide you with the information you need to establish and implement effective HR policies and practices and conform to legal requirements through our online human resource tool (HRWise). This do-it-yourself approach presents a significant savings for you, and if you ever have questions, our experienced and talented consultants are here to help. 

We also provide a unique consulting approach in how we leverage other trusted business partnerships to expand our human resource services to include other professional services in the areas of Healthcare Reform, Employee Benefits, Supplemental Benefits, Health and Wellness Programs, 401k Benchmarking, Pension Administration and Auditing, Employment Law Counsel, and Professional Accounting Services in the areas of tax, accounting, auditing and business consulting.

Our goal is to provide high value as we address the business needs of small and medium sized companies, with innovative, proactive, and expert service so that you can focus on your operational business objectives.